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Caper Company has 2 types of ghost tours to

choose from..

Port Washington Ghost Walk

Halloween 2013

Join Caper Company this Halloween season for our popular ghost walk.  Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26, 2013.

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Self Guided Audio Tours

What’s your ghost story?

     Have you ever experienced a haunting first hand? Do you have friends who have had paranormal experiences?  Do you love a good ghost story or are fascinated with local lore and legends?

Caper Company makes it possible for you to explore real Wisconsin haunted places for yourself.


      Haunt Spots tours help you and your friends make personal paranormal connections. We feature haunts both legendary and newly discovered.


      What makes this tour different?  With Haunt Spots, you get...

  • Professionally produced, original AUDIO STORIES
  • A tour itinerary packed with fully researched INSIDER TIPS
  • Your CHOICE of single or multi-destination road-trips
  • To explore any day YOU choose, a t YOUR own pace with just YOU and YOUR friends


       Want to read about some of our adventures?


      Our love of adventure, exploration, history and a fascination with the paranormal led to Haunt Spots ghost tours.  We've had some fun and sometimes frightening adventures in finding haunts to share with you. 

      From our Haunts Blog, May we suggest...

            ("6 Signs..." has been awarded the "Top 3 Most Popular Blogs"
              honor on Haunt Jaunts!)


      It’s exciting to explore a place that maybe haunted and Wisconsin is teeming with spirits. 

    Who knows, maybe the next ghost story you hear will be the one YOU’RE telling.

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Read our Blog
Blog - Awarded Best Guest Blog of 2009 by Haunt Jaunts!
Why Take a Haunt
Spots Tour?

Are You a Paranormal Fan?
You have the air times for “Ghost Hunters”, “A Haunting” and “Most Haunted” memorized.  You secretly think getting a tattoo that looks like an EMF reading would be cool.

Join a community of fellow enthusiasts who are intrepid enough to visit haunt spots and get a taste of the world of paranormal exploration.

Actual Explorer feedback...
“The first time I heard
(the audio), I got shivers!”

Already Been Ghost Hunting? 
You’re already involved in paranormal exploration and would like an easy and entertaining way to introduce your friends to one of your favorite activities.

“We’re a pretty skeptical  group,
but we enjoyed the tour

You ARE the Master of Your Fate.
You are the Captain of your soul.